A Parent’s Guide to Making the Jump (from Middle School to High School)


A Parent’s Guide to Making the Jump (from Middle School to High School)

Celebrate the Accomplishment!

Your 8th grader is coming out of one of the biggest and most important phases of his or her life. Over the last few years they have moved from being a kid to being a teen, and that’s a big deal!  They have been in a phase where they have been developing their identities, and they NEED your affirmation. Take some time in the next few weeks to really celebrate them and let them know that you are proud of them. They may not seem like they need this from you, but they do! They’re still growing and  learning about who they are and who they want to be.  As a parent, you have a big part to play in it all. Make their favorite dinner, take them to their favorite restaurant, invite some family and/or friends … just make a big deal out of them surviving middle school.

This Summer

This summer your rising 9th grader is invited to join us for our Student Ministry Summer Nights (SMSN). On these nights we’ll spend time together building community, studying the Bible and just plain having fun. Grab an SMSN flyer and put the dates on the calendar!


If your teen hasn’t signed up for our summer camp yet, you should make that happen! FUSE is the biggest and best event we do all year long, and it’s amazing opportunity for your rising 9th grader to get connected in several ways. They’ll have a chance to meet some new leaders, hang out with other students who are making the jump into high school, and take more steps towards owning their faith.


Next Fall

Your child will be moving from Tsunami into our high school ministry called Ripple Effect.. Just as the life of a high schooler is different than that of a middle schooler, Ripple Effect is different than Tsunami.  We often find that students coming to Ripple Effect are looking to have the same experience they had in Tsunami and the reality is that it’s just different. Middle school students in Tsunami are wild and crazy and like to jump around.  High school students in Ripple Effect are more “chill” and like to hang out. Tsunami is on Wednesday nights, and Ripple Effect is on Sunday nights. Instead of meeting each week at church, Ripple Effect has monthly big events at church and have REgroups in homes most Sundays. These “community groups” are organized by grade and area of town and are well suited to the high school culture. You’ll get more info on REgroups as we approach the fall. It all starts on Sunday, September 10th at 6:30 pm.

Lead … Spiritually!

As your teen moves into the next phase of his or her faith, don’t underestimate the influence you still have. Your child is not only listening to what you say about God but now, more than ever, they are watching how you live. In short, be the adult you want your child to become. Show them an example of what it means for an adult to follow Jesus in every area of life. Talk about your own faith and share with them about the grace of God in your life. Love them unconditionally and make your walk with God a normal part of everyday life.  If you do, they just might.

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Print out a copy of the brochure:  8th-to-9th-transition-brochure-final-pdf

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