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10 Ways to Productively Argue With Your Children

** The following article was copied from www.allprodad.com. Most definitions of “argue” suggest the presentation of reasons or evidence, compelling data that have the effect of persuasion. But we’re talking about children here, so the discussion necessarily needs to be broader. Arguing with children is a lot like using gasoline to put out a fire, […]

Building a Healthy Family System – Seminar Recap

Seminar Recap Building a Healthy Family System LISTENING & COMMUNICATION By Pat Nolan   Listening As parents, some times we make things too complicated. In fact, listening seems so simple that it’s easy to gloss over it as a parental skill and favor more exciting things like teaching moments, fixing problems, or making sure our […]

The Missing Milestone

** This article was copied from www.championtribes.org The Missing Milestone Not every moment in life is created equal. Some moments have more weight and significance than others. These moments are called milestones. Milestones are moments that mark our lives. Things like the birth of a child, graduations, weddings, and retirements. Imagine for a second how […]