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How I’m Praying For My Kids Now That They’re Older

** This article was copied from theparentcue.org http://theparentcue.org/how-im-praying-for-my-teen-and-young-adult-children/ I’m a “fix it” mama. Sibling argument? I’m there to mediate. Upset stomach? I have medicine for that. Shoes have a hole? No problem. I can buy new ones. Difficult homework? We can figure it out together (thanks to YouTube tutorials). Yep. I was pretty good at the […]

My Unexpected Goal as a Dad

** The following article was copied from theparentcue.org http://theparentcue.org/my-unexpected-goal-as-a-dad/   When it comes to parenting, it’s easy to think of a few goals for yourself. You want to help your kids find something they are passionate about. You want to give them a healthy self-image. You want to challenge them and encourage them to grow. […]

The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids About Sports (Or Any Performance)

** This article was copied from fulleryouthinstitute.com https://fulleryouthinstitute.org/blog/the-only-six-words-parents-need-to-say-to-their-kids-about-sportsor-any-per   I’ll be honest: I kind of hate a lot about kids’ sports. It’s one area where Kara and I hold different opinions. I’m the wet blanket in the office about everything from little league to major sporting events. Mainly I get concerned about the ways our […]

5 Ways to Motivate Boys

It’s not hard to find people talking about the challenge of motivating children, especially boys. It’s also not hard to find articles and opinions that decry parenting, education, social media, gaming, women’s rights, and a host of other factors. One expert in education quipped that, given current trends, 2068 will be the last year a […]