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“It’s Just a Phase” – Launch of the Parent Network

You have likely heard, “It’s Just a Phase” from well-meaning friends offering you advice on why your newborn will not sleep through the night, or why your elementary-aged child constantly fights with their siblings, or why your teenager does not come out of their room. These words are probably meant to be more of a […]

January’s Top Articles

Below are a few of our favorite articles/resources we have come across this month. When You Feel Like a Total Failure as a Parent Answering Your Kid’s Toughest Questions Daddy/Daughter Time! Four Words To Help Grow Your Family This Year

What is “Making Memories”?

Research (and our experience) shows that family faith development is often helped by experiences where kids are WITH their parents in a church setting.  As kids grow up, they will remember spending time with their parents in an environment where faith in Christ and community with other believers is central.  We’ll have quarterly events that […]

What Are Parent Events?

We can always use a little encouragement in our parenting.  Our parent events seek to offer two things: great information and a forum for conversation.  At our events we’ll have a presentation about a key parenting concept followed by an opportunity to talk with other parents about what you have heard and your experience.  We’ll […]

The Power of a Warm Home

Kara Powell, Executive director of Fuller Youth Institute and author of Sticky Faith, talks with Kristen Ivy and Reggie Joiner about the power of warmth in your home and how it deepens the connection parents have with their kids.