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What to Do When Your Kids are Texting Instead of Talking

** The following article was copied from www.allprodad.com. Recently, I wrote about Why Are Your Kids Texting Not Talking? In this post, I’d like to look at some important steps you can take to improve communication between you and your child or grandchild and get beyond texting to actual talking and relationship building. Improve communication between you […]

The Truth About Parenting Preschoolers

** The following article was copied from theparentcue.org. Before we had children, a friend once told us that, “Kids simultaneously ruin your life and make it awesome.” Now, as the parents of a one-year-old and a three-year-old, we ruefully refer to this comment on a regular basis. It’s the truth of our story right now. […]

The Missing Ingredient in Our Parenting

** The following article is copied from www.thegospelcoalition.com. In our new parenting book, Equipping for Life, written primarily for young new or aspiring parents, we set forth three important aspects of parenting (we call them the 3 “Rs” of parenting): realism, relationship, and responsibility. While young couples often start out their parenting adventure with a […]

31 Questions to Help You Be a Better Parent

** The following article was copied from family life.com. Feeling passionate about parenting? If you’d genuinely like a shot in the arm for your parenting, perhaps these questions can get you started. But remember: Their effectiveness is proportionate to your level of honesty, humility, and most of all, dependence on God’s power to make His […]