Phase One Mom’s Group

So, you’re the mom of a newborn? We all know that means lots of things: a crazy schedule, no sleep, fatigue, joy, frustration … you name it and you feel it. It seems as if no one in your world knows how you feel or how to help. Well, we’d like to try. The PC3 Parent Network would like to invite you to join other moms in our Parent Network Phase One Mom’s Group. What is phase one you ask? Well, phase one is that stage where your child is less than two years old and you need help! This group will offer you community, care and support as you move through this phase of life with your child and hopefully give you hope that each phase only gets better.

We’ll have two opportunities for you to attend. Join us either on Monday Nights at 7 pm or Tuesday mornings  at 10 am in the Living Rooms at PC3. Fall dates are listed below. As always, these Parent Network offerings are open to any and everyone so if you know of someone in this phase, invite them!

Mondays (7 pm):  Sept. 24, Oct. 10, Oct 24, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, Dec. 12, Dec. 19, Jan. 9

Tuesdays (10 am): Sept. 25, Oct. 11, Oct. 25, Nov. 15, Nov. 29, Dec. 13, Dec. 20, Jan. 10




Parent Network Event – June 2nd

Back in January we launched the PC3 Parent Network which seeks to “equip and encourage parents to help their family walk with God.”  We had a great event and we figure it’s time for us to gather again.  We know that school is winding down, it’s time for E.O.G. tests and a lot is going on, but we’ve been able to secure a great speaker and we wanted to get together one more time before the start of summer.

So … Join us on Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm for another conversation about “parenting through the phases” with Kristen Ivy.  You’ll hear some good stuff and have a chance to chat with other parents from PC3. 

Click here to register.

Coming Soon!

We’re working hard to plan our next Parent Network events and we’re close to letting you know the details.  We’re hoping to have another big event in May and a Mother-Son event in June.  Stay tuned for the dates, times, and how you can plug in.

On Thursday night, February 11th a crew of almost 30 people showed top at PC3 and started the preparations for what would be an amazing event.  A planning team had been meeting for several weeks while just under 300 girls and their 238 dads were registering and waiting for the night to arrive.  The crew (of mostly parents) spent several hours setting up for the first annual Parent Network Daddy-Daughter Dance.  On Friday the big night finally arrived and the place filled up with tons of smiling faces busting out their best moves.  Dads and daughters connected in a really cool way and had the opportunity to create the memory of a lifetime.










On We Go

It’s been just a few weeks since we launched the PC3 Parent Network and I’ve been a bit amazed. I’m not quite sure why I would be so stunned that God is working in the lives of parents to prompt them to want to lead their kids in the best way possible. As parents, we all really do have a hunger to help our family walk with God. Our first gathering of the Network was a great start to equipping and encouraging parents in that direction. In the past few weeks we’ve had parents step up to plan and lead our upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance, we’ve had someone offer us land to use for a Father-Son Campout, and we have had so many parents get excited about partnering with others. We’re talking about a few classes and seminars we can offer in the next few months and we’re already dreaming about our next big event. We’re also going to be starting to pair parents with other parents as we seek to help and encourage one another. If you’ve signed up to be a part of the network, make sure you are frequently checking the site ( for news and resources and please continue to pray for the entire initiative. If you haven’t yet signed up, we invite you to join us as we strive to grow in our faith together and lead our kids and each other on the spiritual journeys God has before us.

“It’s Just a Phase” – Launch of the Parent Network

You have likely heard, “It’s Just a Phase” from well-meaning friends offering you advice on why your newborn will not sleep through the night, or why your elementary-aged child constantly fights with their siblings, or why your teenager does not come out of their room. These words are probably meant to be more of a consolation than an encouragement to you. Parenting at every stage is hard, but it is much harder when you do it alone. Thanks to the recent launch of the PC3 Parent Network, you don’t have to.

Stuart Hall, who is a national speaker and on staff with The reThink Group, helped kick off the Network Thursday night by encouraging parents that each child’s phase has distinct opportunities to leverage influence in the lives of their children. Stuart emphasizes that you may never again have such an opportunity to impact their future. As parents, you are the primary influencers in their lives, therefore, instead of simply trying to “get through” each phase, why not consider taking advantage of them instead?

This begins in Preschool as you Embrace their physical needs. Next, it continues to Elementary, as you Engage their interests before moving into Middle School where you can affirm their personal journey. Finally, High School is the context where you Mobilize their potential. The PC3 Parent Network wants to partner with you through these stages by offering seminars, parents training nights, parent-child events, and parent partners with others that are a few steps ahead of you.

It’s just a phase, so don’t miss it.

What is “Making Memories”?

Research (and our experience) shows that family faith development is often helped by experiences where kids are WITH their parents in a church setting.  As kids grow up, they will remember spending time with their parents in an environment where faith in Christ and community with other believers is central.  We’ll have quarterly events that will be fun and engaging, and some of them may revolve around serving together.  These memories will be so important to your kids’ spiritual growth!

What Are Parent Events?

We can always use a little encouragement in our parenting.  Our parent events seek to offer two things: great information and a forum for conversation.  At our events we’ll have a presentation about a key parenting concept followed by an opportunity to talk with other parents about what you have heard and your experience.  We’ll have both big and small events, and you are always invited to bring friends.