Nine Things Parents Should Never Say

Nine Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Kids

Nine Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Kids

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Phase Maps – “It’s Just a Phase”

At our last Parent Network event Kristen Ivey shared with us a few “Phase Maps” that will help us as parents navigate our kids through a few key areas of life.  Click below to download the maps for Authentic Faith, Sexual Integrity and Technological Responsibility.

Authentic Faith Phase Map

Sexual Integrity Phase Map

Technological Responsibility Phase Map


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Sex Conversations Through the Phases

This month, Dr. Jim Burns joins Kristen Ivy to talk about sexual integrity through the phases of a child’s life. Listen and LEARN as they share what these potentially tough conversations can look like.

What Did You Learn?

What Did You Learn?

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“Phase Sheets”

At the launch of the Parent Network our friend Stuart Hall introduced us to the book “It’s Just a Phase” and we talked about a lot of great things.  We’ve taken some of the key concepts and put them into our very own “Phase Sheets” for you.  Download the sheets you want below:

Preschool Phase Sheet

Elementary School Phase Sheet

Middle School Phase Sheet

High School Phase Sheet