Daddy Daughter Dance Info

Dear Dads,

We’re so excited for the Daddy Daughter Dance at PC3 coming up this Friday night.  We’ve yet again had an incredible response and it’s going to be a night to remember for you and you daughter(s).  We wanted to give you a few details about the night …

  1. The dance goes from 6:30 – 8:30 and is in the main auditorium. We’ll have a grand entrance that will be easy to find!  We’ll also have a “coat check” if you or your daughter needs to stay warm on the way in.
  2. There is no official dress code but we’re encouraging you to make it a special night. I’m sure your girls will want to wear their best Sunday dress, so wear whatever you want to help her know it’s a big night for you too (you’d be amazed the message this will send).
  3. We’ll have a dessert bar so don’t plan on dinner at the dance. We’d recommend making dinner a part of the date either at home or out.
  4. We’ll also have a few takeaways for you and your daughter(s) so don’t leave without your “swag bag.”
  5. Finally, we’ll have three photo booths for you to get a great picture so make sure you take advantage of that opportunity. Each of the booths will be exactly the same.  This year we’ll be using YOUR PHONE to take the photos so you’ll have it immediately.

Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you on Friday night.


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