Father-Son Campout 2017

On October 21st just at 100 dads and sons headed out to the Parent Network’s first ever Father-Son Campout.  We had a great time together connecting with one another and growing in our relationship with God.  Here are a few stories from some dads:

“The Father-Son Campout was a blessing to me and my two sons due to the time we had together without electronics and being out in nature.  I was blessed to meet some new dad’s that I have not met before.  It was a good venue and there was no hurry to go to the next thing.  You could just fellowship and get to know people better.”  


“I think it may of been the first time I’ve ‘worshiped’ with my boys. At church they run off to Treasure Island and my wife and I attend the service. Frankly, my wife is the religious one of the family. I am slowly learning and getting to know God, so it was something new for the boys…to see their dad bow his head in prayer.”


One little boy told his sister … “there was no TV, movies, or Kindles…just me and daddy!”


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