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It’s been just a few weeks since we launched the PC3 Parent Network and I’ve been a bit amazed. I’m not quite sure why I would be so stunned that God is working in the lives of parents to prompt them to want to lead their kids in the best way possible. As parents, we all really do have a hunger to help our family walk with God. Our first gathering of the Network was a great start to equipping and encouraging parents in that direction. In the past few weeks we’ve had parents step up to plan and lead our upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance, we’ve had someone offer us land to use for a Father-Son Campout, and we have had so many parents get excited about partnering with others. We’re talking about a few classes and seminars we can offer in the next few months and we’re already dreaming about our next big event. We’re also going to be starting to pair parents with other parents as we seek to help and encourage one another. If you’ve signed up to be a part of the network, make sure you are frequently checking the site (parents.portcitychurch.org) for news and resources and please continue to pray for the entire initiative. If you haven’t yet signed up, we invite you to join us as we strive to grow in our faith together and lead our kids and each other on the spiritual journeys God has before us.

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